A-60L/40L Spray Container


Product Description

 Spray container 

Application: Styrofoam, all-purpose adhesive, plastic suction adhesive plus the function of cleaning.
Applicable to security door, steel wooden door, fireproff door, ecological doors, solid door , bronze door,
Stainless steel door, macromolecule door and board platforms.

Product features:

Save more paint or glue, paint and glue lifetime longer, save time working more efficient more fast.

The close design can prevent the surface of layer of glue from solidification leading the increasing of density and the wastes due to blocked sparying and prevent the glue from going bad impacting the quality of products.

Our glue sprayer is more convenient and faster than the manual operation with more uniform atomization; it solves the problems such as blocking , insufficient glue suction, unstable air pressure, leakage of spray gun, damages of components and over short service life. Ect that frequently occur to the outdated sprinkling can.

The concentration of glue and glue volume can be freely adjusted which will spray glue with high concentration and guarantee the uniform spraying just the same.

Connected with gas pipes open the bleeder valve---very easy to use.

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